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Revenue Experts was founded in 2002 in California to help agencies gain code enforcement compliance using a standard process for following up on all types of administrative citations, including property maintenance, building codes, illegal signage, animal control, illegal vendors, false alarms, business licenses, graffiti, health and safety codes, and public nuisance. Having a background in processing parking citations, the founders of Revenue Experts quickly realized that while there are some similarities in processing code enforcement and parking citations, there are some very large differences that, if handled incorrectly, create problems for issuing agencies that result in wasted time and money.


As the founders of Revenue Experts began to research code enforcement processes, they quickly realized there was a need for a company that focused its efforts on aiding Code Enforcement entities once a citation, warning, or notice of violation was issued. With this focus, Revenue Experts began to build processes around noticing citizens in violation, obtaining social security numbers for citizens in violation, submitting those citizens to the California Franchise Tax Board’s interagency intercept program, and utilizing a third party collector for businesses and for those citizens who do not pay via FTB. In addition, Revenue Experts’ founders spent considerable time developing an online adjudication application that allows citizens to request an Administrative Hearing following the generally accepted practices for Code Enforcement in California. Today, Revenue Experts partners with over 70 Code Enforcement entities in California to process their citations.


We understand selecting a company to represent a Code Enforcement entity is an arduous process and we understand the importance of partnership. Our partnership with over 70 California clients has taught us the importance of communication, attention to detail, and flexibility. It is these three traits that most reflect Revenue Expert’s approach to business.


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