Revenue Experts provides online reporting for our clients that includes both real-time and month-end management and financial reporting.


Management Reporting – Provides our clients with the ability for Code Enforcement Supervisors, Police Chiefs, and other individuals in high level positions to monitor the citations being written on a daily, weekly or monthly basis or as needed. These types of reports provide the user with real-time status of citations, where citations are being written, and for which municipal or violation code.


Financial Reporting – Provides our clients with real-time and month-end reports aimed at providing details on daily deposits, refunds, NSFs, FTB payments and chargebacks. In addition, these reports provide details on payment plans offered to citizens, where the issuing agency has approved payment plans as an option for its citizens. These reports provide the user with a daily picture of exactly what funds are being processed and when.


In total, Revenue Experts supplies 20 real-time, ad hoc reports and over 15 month-end reports. These reports are available via the web and can be viewed, downloaded, saved to the client’s network or pc and exported to excel or pdf if required. In addition, should additional reporting be required, Revenue Experts will always supply that at no cost to our clients.